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Wow. What a year 2022 has been. The past few years were filled with pain and constriction. This year was full of growth and expansion. Letting go of the past. Embracing the future. So many highlights. So much growth.

This trip around the sun was all about travel, connection, deep inner work, and lots of personal growth. According to Instagram, these were the highlights of the year. From left to right and top to bottom:

1. πŸš€ Watching my Bengals at The Super Bowl
2. πŸš€ Seeing the sunrise at Burning Man
3. πŸš€ Doing trampoline backflips with my kids
4. πŸš€ Sporting a tux for my sister’s wedding
5. πŸš€ Deep conversations with new friends in Costa Rica
6. πŸš€ Baby Bathwater Island in Croatia
7. πŸš€ Rafting down the Salmon River in Idaho
8. πŸš€ Rediscovering my love of guitar
9. πŸš€ Dinner with friends post BBW in Cabo

There were so many more highlights that I didn’t share this year, because the most important ones can’t be captured in a picture, as they were internal wins.

11 Lessons I Learned in 2022

1. βœ… Self love is the most important love there is
2. βœ… I can always trust myself
3. βœ… I have a really good intuition
4. βœ… I am more resiliant that I ever knew
5. βœ… Friendship & community is the most important aspect of a healthy & balanced life
6. βœ… While scary, the unknown has never let me down
7. βœ… I love my children more than I thought possible
8. βœ… I need regular adventure in my life
9. βœ… Networking, connecting & sharing resources is my superpower
10. βœ… I am enough and won’t settle for less than my worth
11. βœ… Music and nature revives my soul


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