So long 2023. It’s been a trip. My word for the year was Adventure, and it most certainly was that, in so many ways that I didn’t expect! Here’s what stood out:


  • Moved to Colorado
  • Flew back & forth to Florida monthly
  • Seriously injured my shoulder skiing
  • Finalized divorce
  • Went to Egypt
  • Learned that it’s possible to reopen my heart to love
  • Took a 4+ month break from all external substances
  • Questioned everything I believe to be true
  • Learned to set boundries around the feminine
  • Returned to my Jeep driving roots
  • Did Burning Man 100% sober
  • Spent a lot of time in nature, hiking & hunting
  • Let go of attachments to business & relationship outcomes
  • Realized my own self worth and that I’m not willing to settle
  • Made amazing new friendships
  • Played a lot of guitar
  • Reclaimed & rediscovered music for myself
  • Stopped people pleasing
  • Experienced deep pain
  • Experienced deep joy
  • Saw 3 double rainbows
  • Moved 4 times
  • Pushed my edges constinusly
  • Learned how to ask for help
  • Practiced archery a lot!
  • Finally learned empathy
  • Fully accepted who I am, my strenghs & weaknesses
  • Read/listened to 30 books

Lessons learned:

✅ I don’t have to do it all myself, It’s ok to ask for help

✅ If I want a different outcome, I have to play a different game

✅ I was made to do hard things, but I don’t have to make things hard

✅ I don’t need external substances to be fun or social

✅ Growth is a journey and not a destination

✅ Music is the best drug there is

✅ Sleep is my favorite health hack

✅ The more authentic I am, the more I attract what I want

Cheers to playing more full out and living even more authentically in 2024!🥂


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