deer camp

Way back in 2007 while living in Nashville, TN, I saw a piece of property listed for sale near my hometown in Kentucky. It was 55 acres of pure outdoor paradise. Heavily wooded with some open fields, a stream, and bordered by hundreds of acres of woods and pastures. There was only one problem. I was broke and most definitely couldn’t afford it.

Fast forward to 2014 and I thought about that beautiful piece of property that had captured my imagination 7 years prior. I looked up the property records and it was still owned by the same guy who had listed it for sale years before. And, he lived right down the street from me! I decided to write him a letter to see if he would have any interest in selling, as my finances were now in a much better position. He responded a week later that yes, he was actually interested!

Little did I know that this beautiful piece of Kentucky real estate would soon become my most valued possession, a place that would create lasting bonds and memories between my father, brothers, our sons, and close friends.

After building a small rustic cabin on it in the fall of 2015, it became the site of our annual deer camp, a yearly tradition that we’ve built and look forward to more than Christmas each year in November. While the hunting is fun, freshly harvested organic venison tastes amazing, spending time in nature with family and friends and sharing drinks, meals, and stories around the campfire is what makes it so special.

My sons and their cousins think we’re just hunting. One day they’ll realize that we were creating memories that will outlive us all, and they’ll be able to pass down these same traditions to their own sons. This is rewilding. This is why I love the outdoors. Viva la deer camp!


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