I have an inferiority complex. I never think I’m good enough. Not for anyone else’s expectations necessarily, but for my own. I *think* it’s due to the fact I’m short (5’7”) and I was homeschooled. I never felt like I “measured up” to my peers because of those two attributes.

I know they shouldn’t matter, but for some reason they do.

Even today I feel that I don’t get any respect because of my height. Women prefer taller men to shorter. Those without height challenges are more often given leadership roles. If you look at presidential races over the past 100 years, the taller candidate has won the majority of the time.

Humans tend to respect and lookup to (literally and figuratively) taller men than to shorter. It goes back to our most primal instincts. Survival of the fittest. Taller equals stronger. Like it or not, physical appearance affects how one is perceived and treated by others

I never liked being schooled at home. I wanted to attend regular school like everyone else. I didn’t like answering questions about it. I just wanted to be “normal.” Didn’t want to stand out and be seen as different.

I know this is just self-doubt creeping in. That it really doesn’t matter. That I’m already more successful than most I compare myself to.

Something that I have to continue working on and blocking out every day. To focus on the positive. To see things through an objective lens, and not my own subjective view.

I’m getting better at it. Not over it yet, but better each day.