when to quit

Starting something new is easy. Knowing when to call it quits is a lot tougher. Especially if it’s something you love or are extremely passionate about.

Professional athletes are a perfect example of this. So many have amazing, hall of fame worthy careers, but in the latter stages of their playing days, the skills begin to wane, the reflexes aren’t as sharp, and their performance starts to drop.

Maybe they keep playing for the money. Maybe for the love of the game. But there comes a point when their value and legacy begins to suffer because of holding on for too long.

Knowing when to quit is tough. Realizing that you’ve worn out your welcome and it’s time to move on can be extremely challenging for many.

Don’t get me started on career politicians.

Even if you think you’re still providing value, it’s good to ask if someone else can provide more, and if you’d be better served somewhere else.

when to quit


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