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A question that (I think) most people ask themselves is “who am I”? It’s one that I’ve been contemplating regularly of late. Primarily in business, but in relationships and social status as well.

For the past four years I’ve run a digital marketing and website design shop, catering primarily to small business owners and bloggers. Over the course of this time we’ve focused on a number of different services:

  • Social media account creation
  • Website design/development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website management & hosting
  • Mobile app design/development
  • Online reputation management
  • Marketing audits & strategy
  • Website audits & consulting
  • Social media & branding evaluations
  • Local search audits & optimization
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress consulting & customization
  • Blogging strategy
  • Social media & SEO strategy

As you can see, they all focus in the digital realm, with a lot of overlap. As the years have progressed, and I’ve evolved from a one man shop, to multiple employees, then to all contract labor, I’ve begun to question who am I in this space, and where my gifts and talents truly lie.

I’m not a designer, although I have a pretty good eye for design. I’m not a developer, but know enough to be dangerous and conceptually understand enough to talk my way through it. I’m not an SEO, as those who are full-time practitioners for the past 10 years have forgotten more than I’ll ever know. I’m not a social media manager or website manager, as I firmly believe those things should be handled in-house.

So where does that leave me? Jack of all trades, master of none?

I’ve come to the conclusion that where I really shine is focusing on the strategy and consulting side of the business. Taking all of the above services and knowledge I’ve gained over the years and consulting with business owners on how to leverage them to build a solid, profitable, digital platform that will attract customers, and make more dollars.

So that’s who I am today (in business, anyway). I’m sure it will change and evolve. Only time will tell.

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